How You Can Achieve True Financial Health Using Your Facebook Timeline

After a few weeks promoting one of the best products I've ever found, I have achieved true financial health.
(Here is a 2-min video showing the basic compensation plan:)

Q: What is the product?
A: Kangen Water Machine.

Q: How do I promote it?
A: I get all my sales 3 ways:
     1. Facebook Timeline. See here:
     2. Talking to people.
     3. Giving the water away to people I personally know like family and friends.

How do I get sales using my facebook timeline?

Take a look for yourself.
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Look for a photo album entitled "Down With The Scams of the New World Order".

As you can see I am posting about the product 1-3 times a day.

From this I have on average 5 people per day, including close family members, message me who are very interested in buying a machine.

Also here is a video training I did showing you EXACTLY what I do to get sales using my Facebook timeline here:


For all you network marketers out there, you always hear how you need to brand yourself, and not to promote the product directly but rather promote the product on the back-end. This is because almost all business opportunities are OPPORTUNITY-DRIVEN businesses, where the people join not because of the product but because of the money-making potential. The product is created to make the business work. These opportunity-driven businesses never last in the long run.

With Kangen Water it is the complete opposite. This business is a PRODUCT-DRIVEN business. Where the product was invented first and then the business was developed around the product. This product stands alone because of the amazing properties of the water. So many people that drink this water experience dramatic improvements in health.

All of my family and friends are interested in the product when I talk to them about it. Then when I give them the water for free to try and they feel better and/or their major health issues disappear, they want to purchase a machine.

Then I can get on Facebook and tell people how the water is helping people I personally know and I get flooded with messages from others asking how they can get a machine. These people are not interested at all in the business aspect, they only want the product. They may become interested in the business aspect later on, but initially they want to purchase a Kangen Machine for their health and the health of their family.

When you are promoting a product that stands alone, your target market expands to EVERYONE! Whereas in almost all other network marketing opportunities, your market is only targeted to other network marketers.

Your parents and grandparents don't care about a business opportunity. But your parents and grandparents do care about a product that will improve their health in a dramatic way.

If you have a real product that really helps make people feel better, then everyone you care and love will be interested in the product.

If you are interested in partnering with me to do this as a business, with honesty and integrity, love and care for others, then go here:
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Again here is my personal facebook page:
Tim McGaffin's Facebook Page

There is no reason why if you want to work from home, and achieve your dream of having the time-freedom to be there for your family and do the important things in life, that you can't do it with promoting Kangen Water and implementing the 3 marketing strategies I highlighted above.

Especially, the marketing strategy of using your facebook timeline. It's fun and easy. I am on a mission to help everyone improve their health and Kangen Water is for the health of everyone.

Talk to you soon,

Timothy McGaffin II
Champions Never Quit!

12-minute demo:

Do you want to give this water to those you care and love? Go here:


  1. Great marketing content! The business is simple! And thank you for putting out such great content for every enagic rep! Thank you!

    1. Thank you very much. Your input means a lot to me. Yes, the more simple we make it, the more positive results we will receive and the more people we truly will help.

      I'll continue to create content along the way for our Enagic family that will help all of us.

      We are family here at Enagic!