Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Champions Never Quit: God Is Close By Your Side

Never never never never never never quit.

The book is about how I prayed and asked God what I should do in my life and he answered my prayer and told me to play basketball. And I wanted to become the greatest basketball player ever.

Everything seemed like it was falling apart and God was not there helping me. But I never gave up, and it turned out he was helping me the whole time.
No matter how hard things get, no matter what happens, no matter how much things don't make sense or that God is not there, never never never give up because God is there and is working a great victory or a great miracle through you.

Just hold on a little longer...

I wrote this book with the purpose and prayer to help at least one person the same way I have been helped in my life to never give up until the ultimate victory!

If this book, "Champions Never Quit: God Is Close By Your Side", helps at least one person to never give up in the same way I have been helped in my life by others like yourself, then this book is a success.

Get out there and go after your dreams; share your story, your message, your testimony with the world! When you do this you are fulfilling divine purposes. I have been profoundly helped and inspired by many others from seeing them follow their heart and their dreams.

Through small and simple means, God works miracles through you so whenever you feel inspired to do something, do it! No matter how small or insignificant the action you are inspired to perform may seem, do it! You are being inspired for a reason to fulfill a divine purpose that God has given you to fulfill.

Miracles are happening.

It is a nerve-racking experience writing a book like this because you do not know how it is going to be received when it goes out into the world. You do not know if the messages are going to be understood correctly. I wrote it from my heart and I prayed and asked God to help me and I know God did help me. It is a miracle this book was written.

God will help you in whatever you feel inspired to do in your life. Go out there and do what you feel inspired to do and God will help you because God is the one who inspired you.

- Tim

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