John Stockton: Point Guard For Freedom!

I'm more proud to be a John Stockton fan more than ever!

John is strongly and boldly speaking out in support and defense of Freedom!

Standing up for Truth and Freedom is more important than any basketball game.

John Stockton definitely is a champion as are each one of us who refuse to quit! Never Give Up!

John, you won the championship as it can be seen in how you are fighting for Freedom now with all your heart, which is the heart of a champion!

I recommend everyone watch John's shows on his channel entitled "Voices For Medical Freedom" on the video channel named Rumble.

And if you can, also "subscribe" to the channel and receive the email newsletter updates to be notified whenever a new show is published.

YouTube deleted the channel and I think we all know why since YouTube has been notorious since being bought by Google, for censoring Free Speech especially when Freedom is involved.

Watch "John Stockton: Point Guard for Medical Freedom" here:

Go to the "Voices For Medical Freedom" channel on Rumble here:

Timothy McGaffin II and John Stockton, April 17, 1992
Timothy McGaffin II and John Stockton, April 17, 1992.
(Tim is glancing over at his parents as the photo was being taken.)

Also see the "Voices For Medical Freedom" website:

Voices For Medical Freedom: Your Voice Matters

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