It Only Matters What God Sees or Thinks of You


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It does not matter what the world sees or thinks of you. It only matters what God sees or thinks of you.

Jesus did not do anything wrong. Yet he had to suffer for all of our sins in the Garden of Gethsemane. And he suffered all of the negative experiences, pain, misery and wo each of us has ever felt or gone through in our lives individually. 

Therefore since Jesus didn't do anything wrong, and because he suffered more than anyone, that means Jesus got knocked down more than anyone. 

And that also means he had to get back up more than anyone.

So Jesus showed us through his example that he wants us to get back up too when we get knocked down because that is what Jesus himself did and that is what he cares about the most and that is what he is looking for in each of us the most.

As Vince Lombardi once said, "The greatest accomplishment is not in never falling, but in rising again after you fall."

Timothy McGaffin II - Flattop - 2024

The most difficult thing you can do in your life is to get back up when you get knocked and not only is that the most difficult thing you can do, but that is also the greatest thing you can do in your life.

Heavenly Father and Jesus are looking to see if you will get back up which is the most important thing you can do in your life. That is what God cares about the most. That is what God is looking for the most in you.

It does not matter what the world sees or thinks of you because the world cannot actually see you.

The world cannot see you because the world is looking for and seeking after the things that will all eventually come to an end.

The world is run by Lucifer / Satan and the world (Satan) sees and praises things that lead people away from God and toward tyranny, slavery, death and defeat and destruction.

Satan leads us to a dead end while God leads us to the finish line.

The finish line is where Life, Liberty, and Victory are waiting.

God is looking for and seeking after those things that have no end. God is looking for the individual that will not give up.

Only God and those who are following God's example of not giving up can actually see you.

Anyone who chooses to not give up is choosing to follow the example of Jesus and choosing to be a Champion!

Those who choose to be a champion are choosing those things that are eternal such as the greatest of all gifts which is eternal life, that Jesus gives to each of us if we don't quit.

Eternal Life!
Eternal Liberty!
Eternal Victory!

I know the greatest type of person you can become in your life is a champion. Because only a champion has the greatest power in the universe in their heart which power is never giving up or never quitting.

Champions Forever!

Since Jesus never gave up, more than anyone, he is able to help you to also never give up, when you exercise faith in Heavenly Father and Jesus by rising again after the fall.

Timothy McGaffin II and Cheri McGaffin - Flattop - 2024 
 - Timothy McGaffin II

Autograph of Timothy McGaffin II


Tim McGaffin II 12 years old and John Stockton
Tim McGaffin II, age 12, gets his picture taken with John Stockton


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