AlkaLIZED Water (Electrolyzed Water)

Tim McGaffin II and Cheri McGaffin

Tim McGaffin II - 13 Days of AlkaLIZED Water Testimonial

AlkaLIZED Water is Alive. It conducts healthy electricity.

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What is AlkaLIZED Water?

1) Living Water (yes, it's actually alive)!🌳
2) Antioxidant
3) Anti-inflammatory
4) Anti-aging💪
5) 6-times more hydrating!💦
6) Daily Detox (Deep cleans the toxins from your cells)
7) 💡It raises the voltage/electricity of your body. (SEE ABOVE PHOTO). "Healing is Voltage" is a book by Dr. Jerry Tennant.
8) AlkaLIZED water is all these things because its molecular structure is H2 (diatomic hydrogen) and -OH (negative ions) whereas other water is H2O.

My wife, Cheri, was 8 months pregnant when we started drinking this water.

Previously I was doing a lot of juicing for Cheri with our juicer of fruits and vegetables but no matter how much organic produce we took in, Cheri's health wasn't improving.

It wasn't until we started drinking this water that everything turned around.

We then began sharing this LIVING water💦 with friends, family and our neighborhood.

😲 So many amazing things started to happen that it seemed like everybody was asking us where they could purchase the machine that makes this special AlkaLIZED water.

AlkaLIZED water is not the same as "alkaline" water you get from the health food store. Those waters have "sodium bicarbonate" which is baking soda. Just read the ingredients on those "alkaline" bottled waters.

Then read the directions on your baking soda at home and it says right on there if you ingest too much it can cause problems. These waters have been altered chemically.

Whereas AlkaLIZED water has been changed by electricity. Nothing has been added to it. Instead the molecular structure of the water has been restructured and is actually alive!

This water is 100% natural, and is found in some rare places around the earth. It's the very best water... ---or in other words---'s the highest quality, highest grade, most powerful water NATURE creates! And again, it is rare.

But there is a technology that recreates this life-giving natural water right in your own home so you can drink it Fresh on a daily basis without having to go to one of the rare locations where it is found in the wild.

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Champions Never Quit,

Cheri McGaffin
Timothy McGaffin II

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  1. I seem to find any information or actual videos to,watch. Or how and where to order

    1. Thank you for reaching out. Please contact me at: and I'll answer all your questions and give you the info on how and where to order.