Hardcover Edition of "Champions Never Quit: God Is Close By Your Side" is Published (10-Year Anniversary)

"Champions Never Quit" Book
HARDCOVER EDITION: The hardcover edition of "Champions Never Quit: God Is Close By Your Side", contains an additional 35 pages than the paperback version which was published about 10 years prior to the hardcover. The added 35 pages include 30 more photos, additional commentary and an inspired 10-Year-Anniversary update. The 10-Year-Anniversary update provides valuable insight and analysis of what has transpired in the 10 years between the publishing of the paperback to the hardback, and how what has transpired relates to YOU, the inspired reader of this book and how important you are in this backwards world. We need YOU to help stand up for God, Truth, and Freedom so the greatest miracles, never before heard or seen, will happen! The best is yet to come!

Finally my prayer was answered! But EVERYTHING seemed to be falling apart and going against me and it seemed like God was not there and had abandoned me despite the initial answer to my prayer. However, although it may seem like when strange and weird things happen to you that you are on the wrong path and heading for failure, the truth is that God is actually with you and the reason you are having so much opposition thrown at you is because you are on the right path and you are actually heading for VICTORY. 

This book, Champions Never Quit: God Is Close By Your Side, is my personal experience which I believe many of you will be able to relate to, of when it seemed like God was not there, did not care, and everything seemed to be going against me and falling apart. Yet despite the appearance and illusion of abandonment by God and of being a failure, the truth is God is there and you must keep getting back up and never quit no matter how much things may not make sense, because your TRIUMPH is at hand.

Champions Never Quit: God Is Close By Your Side is about my journey to make a dream, I received as an answer to a prayer, come true.

I prayed and asked God what I should do in my life and he answered my prayer and told me to play basketball and to become the greatest basketball player ever.

Although God answered my prayer and gave me my dream, it seemed everything was against me and was falling apart along my journey to make this dream come true. Despite this Goliath-like opposition, I never gave up because I believed since God answered my initial prayer, where he gave me my dream, that he would help me achieve this dream by his miraculous power. And the miracle did happen and my dream that God gave me did come true.

Never never never never never never never quit! Champions Never Quit: God Is Close By Your Side is the personal experiences of myself, Tim McGaffin II, and others where it seemed like God was not there, was not helping, and did not care. However, the truth is God was there the entire time, even and especially, during the times it seemed like He was not. So no matter how hard things ever get in your life, never give up and God will reveal the ultimate victory in you.

Each one of us has multiple divine purposes to fulfill and God will reveal those purposes in victorious ways, so don't give up.

The most difficult thing and also the greatest thing we can do in our lives is to get back up when we get knocked down.

No matter how hard things get, no matter what happens, no matter how much things may not make sense or if it seems God is not there, never never never give up because God is there and is working a great victory or a great miracle through you.

Just hold on a little longer...

The best is yet to come for you. Your victory and your miracle is about to be revealed. Just hold on a little longer...

This book contains the proof.

Champions Never Quit,

Timothy McGaffin II

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