Michael Jackson Performed at Berlin Reichstag June 19, 1988 - BAD World Tour

LIVE from the Reichstag, Berlin, Germany on August 8, 2009.

Michael Jackson performed at the Reichstag on June 19, 1988 during the BAD World Tour.

Michael could have performed at any other stadium but decided to perform at the Reichstag to send a message of peace and unity.

The Berlin Wall was still up and the border (The Wall) between East Berlin and West Berlin ran just behind the Reichstag.

The message was sent loud and clear.

Thank you Michael!

"Heal the World"

~Tim McGaffin II

Michael Jackson: Berlin Reichstag June 19, 1988

Micheal Jackson performs during a concert at the historical Berlin Reichstag on June 19, 1988.

Photograph by: AFP/Getty Images, file photo

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