Rev. Al Sharpton: Michael Jackson is a Champion

NOTE: When it comes to standing up for the principles of Liberty, Al Sharpton does NOT have a good track record, but when it comes to standing up for Michael Jackson, he does have a good track record. In this instance, he got it right.

Below is a video of Rev. Al Sharpton's inspired speech at Michael Jackson's memorial service held July 7, 2009 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California.

Written excerpt #1 from Al Sharpton's speech:

"No one believed in those days that this kind of dream could come true, but they kept on believing and Michael never let the world turn him around from his dreams.

I first met Michael around the 1970 Black Expo, Chicago, Illinois. Rev. Jesse Jackson, who stood by this family till now, and from that day as a cute kid to this moment, he never gave up dreaming. It was that dream that changed culture all over the world. When Michael started, it was a different world. But because Michael kept going, because he didn't accept limitations, because he refused to let people decide his boundaries, he opened up the whole world."

Written excerpt #2:

"As you climb up steep mountains, sometimes you scar your knee; sometimes you break your skin. But don't focus on the scars, focus on the journey. Michael beat 'em, Michael rose to the top. He out-sang his cynics, he out-danced his doubters; he out-performed the pessimists. Every time he got knocked down, he got back up. Every time you counted him out, he came back in. Michael never stopped. Michael never stopped. Michael never stopped."

Written excerpt #3:

"I want his three children to know, there was nothing strange about your daddy. It was strange what your daddy had to deal with but he dealt with it anyway. He dealt with it for us."

Thank you Michael Jackson and Rev. Al Sharpton,

God reveals himself through our gifts and talents.

Figure out what your gifts and talents are and share them with the world and Never Give Up.

Let's "Heal the World"! a team.

~Tim McGaffin II

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