Poem: "Sharing Your Testimony Is Victory!"

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There's a war going on for the souls of men.
Liberty versus slavery.
Except, he didn't call it slavery.
"I will make sure no one ever makes a mistake," he said.

Those who spoke up, those who resisted; yes, you and me;
those who shared their testimonies,
defeated his lies with their free speech.
Free speech was invented by God.

Now he's back. And so are we.
The NSA, the National Slavery Agency was invented by him.
Except he doesn't call it slavery.
"It is for your security," he says.

And even though he is back, he knows so are we.
His dark plan of revenge he knows can never be as long as there is: FREE SPEECH!
So of course his NSA and his false prophets declare that,
"the First Amendment needs to be reformed."

The harder things get, actually means the more liberty is winning.
Satan knows he is running out of time, therefore he has to throw
everything he has at us before time runs out.

No matter how hard things get, remember, REMEMBER who you are.
Awake and arise!
Remember the promise you made to God,
that you would help fight for liberty again.
Eternal glory is near.


Nothing can stop you from sharing your testimony.
Sharing your testimony is victory!

Author: Timothy McGaffin II

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  1. So completely true. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you Caroline. Yes, the more we speak up and stand up for the truth, the sooner the darkness will disappear and the true dawn will appear.