Basketball is About Having Fun and Dancing (Doing Your Best)

If you're not having fun playing basketball, then you're doing something wrong.

Basketball is a dance. As well as everything you do in life is a dance. They are both about positive movement or doing your best.

To have fun playing basketball as well as in life, you need to keep dancing. Or in other words, you need to keep moving forward.

Even when you are tired and can barely move, just move something and God will do the rest.

God will perform the miracle when you exercise faith in him. After the test of your faith is complete, the miracle will appear.

I prayed when I was little and asked God to help me become the greatest basketball player ever.

It then seemed everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. But I never stopped moving. I was frustrated and discouraged at times, but I didn't stay frustrated or discouraged. I kept coming back, I kept moving forward, I kept dancing.

My prayers were answered and I did become the greatest basketball player ever and I know it is because God helped me. God helped me overcome all obstacles. I know this is true.

I wrote about how God helped me and answered my prayers in my book, "Champions Never Quit: God Is Close By Your Side".

Remember, it doesn't matter if the world can or cannot see the truth of who you are or not because the world doesn't determine if something is true or not. If the world doesn't see who you are or doesn't see the miracle, it doesn't change the truth of who you really are.

After all that I've been through, such as three major knee surgeries and being informed that I have the worst knees my orthopedic surgeon ever saw in his career up to that point, the fact that I can even play basketball is a miracle. And the fact that I can dunk a basketball is a miracle. Not imaginary miracles, but real divine miracles. Triumphing with the help of God is fun.

The world might not see or recognize that I am the greatest basketball player ever but the world doesn't determine what is true or what is not true.

Anyone, and that includes you, who gets back up when they get knocked down is the greatest ever! Because the most difficult thing you can do in your life and the greatest thing you can do in your life is to get back up after the fall. Don't quit!

And don't compare yourself to the worldly achievements of others to determine what your greatness is. If you keep dancing, you are the greatest ever whether the world sees you or not. God knows who you are and you are a Champion.

The best is yet to come!

Tim McGaffin II

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