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"Champions Never Quit: God Is Close By Your Side" - Timothy McGaffin II


  1. Hello Timothy, i' am from Belgium and just read your book and see your site here : you are just so amazing, your book is full of truth... everyone must understand that we are fighting for living and not the contrary. And for that, you seem to be a courageous example. i don't know yet all the things on kangen water (don't know if it is very popular in europe), but i will search : seems miraculous. Bye and thaks for all you do and i hope will do a long time again.
    PS : so amazing flattop :-), just love it, your trademark style and haircut.... a way of seeing life i think : straight and perseverance. Hope to see it back soon, definetely best style on you

    1. Hi Emilie,

      Thank you so much for reading my book and for letting me know you read it and you enjoyed it!

      Your words mean a lot to me.

      Miracles are happening as long as we continue to refuse to give up.

      The flattop will definitely be back. My motto is "Can't Stop The Flattop!

      You can find me on Facebook and we can always connect there. And yes Kangen Water is amazing.

      Again thank you so very much for your amazing words and for understanding the message of my book.

      The most difficult thing we can do in our lives and also the greatest is to get back up when we get knocked down!

      You as well are very amazing. It says a lot about you to take the time and reach out and share your words with me. It shows you really care and that is a godly quality.

      I really appreciate you.