The Devil Did Not Want Her to Get It

Earlier this week I helped someone connect their Kangen Water machine. She told me there were so many obstacles that came up trying to stop her from getting this machine. She said, "it was as if THE DEVIL DIDN'T WANT ME TO GET IT."

I told her, "that is so true, I totally believe that."

Photo of my Kangen Water machine model SD501 and water bottle

This water is a major THREAT to the system and powers of the dark side. Satan does NOT want people to know about this water.

Many times when you are on the right path or when you are very close to achieving something of greatness, strange and weird things do happen trying to prevent you from achieving victory. Extreme opposition appears attempting to stop you in these instances where you are a threat to the devil's kingdom.

For example, in achieving my dream of becoming the greatest basketball player ever, I had so many obstacles come up. It seemed that everything was against me and that God was not there. I knew these obstacles were not all a coincidence but that there was a driving intelligent force behind the scenes making trouble on purpose.

Yes, I know the devil actually was constantly trying to stop me and make me feel discouraged. But I also knew that even though it didn't seem like God was there, he actually was. And I did achieve my dream and overcome all the obstacles. You can read a summary of this experience here:

Or you can also read the full story here in my book, "Champions Never Quit: God Is Close By Your Side".

Yes, Kangen Water is a major threat to the forces of darkness. I am not joking.

This is NOT the first time someone has told me they believed the devil was trying to stop them from getting a Kangen Water machine.

Remember Satan cannot stop you, no one can stop and no thing can stop. The only thing or person who can stop you is yourself. You can always give your best effort, no one can stop you from giving your best effort but you. You can always keep trying, keep moving forward, keep praying, keep making right choices, keep getting back up. No one can stop you from doing these things except you.

And no matter what happens in this life, remember life is eternal. After you die, you will resurrect, you will keep on living. But your ultimate destiny or destination where you end up is up to you. You choose who you are. Choose to be a champion. As long as you do your best, God will do the rest and there's no way you can fail because God is in control. Everything will made right in the end. So never never never never never give up!

I feel so happy and grateful to be a child of God and that Heavenly Father is helping me to spread the message of this water, the message of the gospel of Liberty, and the message of 'Champions Never Quit' all at the same time!!!

Miracles are happening!
Nothing and No one can stop you but yourself!
God answers prayers!
Liberty is winning!
Make the devil mad!
Never give up!
The truth always triumphs (in the end)!
Stand up for Freedom!
They don't care about us!
Babylon has no real power, it's all an illusion!
Believe in yourself!
Exercise Faith!
Keep praying!
Victory is Yours!
Champions Never Quit!!!

- Timothy McGaffin II

Watch a short demo on Kangen Water HERE

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