Slam Dunking After 3 Knee Surgeries, 5 Screws in Knees

Tim McGaffin II slam dunking after 3 knee surgeries
Tim McGaffin II slam dunking after 3 major knee surgeries and 5 screws in knees
My orthopedic surgeon said I had the worst knees he had ever seen. After 3 major surgeries and 5 screws in my knees (3 in my right, 2 in my left) the fact I can dunk a basketball is a real miracle and proves that God is real and he answers prayers.

One of the things I was born to do was play basketball. Basketball is all about continuing to move and never give up, just like in life.

The person who can pray sincerely and ask God for help will receive divine support and strength to overcome all obstacles and trials in life.

It doesn't matter what the odds may look like. It doesn't matter if it seems like everything is against you and you have no chance. None of that matters because our Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ are all powerful and when we exercise faith in God, miracles will happen in the best way according to God's own divine way and due time.

What God cares about more than anything else is the effort. It's your effort that matters.

There's a difference between trying your best and doing your best. Nothing and no one can stop you, except you, from doing or giving your best effort.

When you get back up, you have just done your best and God will come to your side and do the rest. True Victory will be yours.

When you do your best (give your best effort) God will work the miracle.

Never Give Up!

The best miracles never before heard or seen are yet to be revealed. Do not be deceived by the hard times. Stay firm and keep getting back up through the storm because this is how you will fulfill your divine purposes through your God-given talents and God will reveal the miracle and the victory through you.

I wrote a book entitled, "Champions Never Quit: God Is Close By Your Side" about my journey to make a dream, I received as an answer to a prayer, come true. You can find it on Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble and Smashwords.

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Timothy McGaffin II

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Champions Never Quit: God Is Close By Your Side
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Tim McGaffin II and John Stockton, April 17, 1992

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