Stand Up For Freedom: What's the Difference Between a Democracy (Mobacracy) vs. a Constitutional Republic?

One day my daughter came home from school with a multiple choice quiz which had a question of “What kind of government is the USA?”

And the multiple choice options that were given ranged from democracy to totalitarian etc. But the correct choice, which is Republic, wasn’t even one of the options to choose from. The teacher circled “democracy” as the “correct” answer.

I took that quiz from my daughter when she showed it to me, ripped it in half, and said we are going to start home schooling.

Today we are constantly brainwashed by politicians, the TV, public schools (indoctrination centers) to falsely think we are a democracy.

The public schools do not even teach the basics of the difference between democracy and republic. Kids and most adults do not even know what is a democracy and what is a republic. This is how brainwashed we are now.

The USA only has certain democratic elements within its Constitutional Republic such as voting BUT we are supposed to vote for people who will follow the U.S. Constitution
or the people who are voted for are supposed to follow the Constitution. 
Following the U.S. Constitution means protecting our God-given unalienable rights of Life, Liberty, Property and Privacy. This means the gov’t is not supposed to steal from us, murder us, spy on us, or force us to do anything that violates our individual God-given rights.

A democracy is a mobacracy where the mob rules (the majority rules).

Whereas a Republic is where the God-given rights of the individual, whether that individual is in the majority or in the minority are protected and cannot be infringed on or taken away.

What are our God-given rights? They are Life, Liberty, Property and Privacy.

So if 99% of the people say it’s ok for us, the mob, to steal the income (property) of an individual and re-distribute that stolen income to others, that is still wrong even though the mob (99%) agreed that it was ok. And since it is wrong you cannot do it and the individual should retain 100% of their property (income) no matter how many people scream otherwise.

Now if that individual wants to give some of his/her income away to others as an act of voluntary charity, that is the right to choose (Liberty) of the individual and he/she can do that of his/her own free will but he/she should not be forced to do so.

Another example is that even if 99% of people say 2 + 2 = 5, it doesn’t make it true. 2 + 2 = 4 always, even if the majority says otherwise.

A republic is a nation based on the rule of law.

A democracy is a nation based on mob rule.

In a Constitutional Republic the God-given rights of all people, those in the majority and those in the minority are supposed to be protected.

Whereas in a democracy, it’s the rule of the mob and the rights of the individual or those in the minority can be infringed on. So a democracy is a terrible form of gov’t.

I encourage you to Stand Up For Freedom in your time here on Earth because the person who stands up for freedom will be eternally vindicated and rewarded.

Champions Never Quit,

Timothy McGaffin II

McGaffin Family - Aubrie, Cheri McGaffin, Timmy III, Hailee, Tim McGaffin II, Christian, Emilee
McGaffin Family: Aubrie, Cheri, Timmy 3, Hailee, Tim, Christian, Emilee

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