Cheri McGaffin and Timothy McGaffin II Awarded On Stage for Spreading True Health, Liberty

Timothy and Cheri McGaffin receiving the 6A award on stage from Enagic, the Kangen Water company
Cheri McGaffin and Timothy McGaffin II awarded LIVE on stage
My wife, Cheri and I had the honor of being recognized and awarded on stage by Enagic for successfully spreading the message of true health and the gospel of Liberty. (Watch video below)

True health is comprised of three components:

1. Physical Health
2. Spiritual Health
3. Financial Health

All three healths are connected because if any one of these three are lacking or suffering, then all are impacted.

And all three healths comprise the gospel of Liberty, which is the solution to all problems.

The gospel of Liberty is the solution to all problems because it is knowing right from wrong, choosing the right and being personally responsible for your actions.

Being personally responsible for your actions means correcting mistakes when you make them, repenting or getting back up when you get knocked down. We all make mistakes but the "good news" (gospel) is we can always correct those mistakes and repent by getting back up and committing once again to do our best to choose the right.

When you do your best to choose the right and to be personally responsible for your choices and actions is when you achieve true health, physically, spiritually and financially, which is true success.

Or more simply stated, true success is getting back up or never giving up.

When you are presented with a moment to quit or give up but you refuse to quit, despite things not going your way, is the moment you become a Champion!

Timothy and Cheri McGaffin with Mr. and Mrs. Oshiro
Timothy and Cheri McGaffin with Mr. and Mrs. Oshiro,
founders of Enagic, the Kangen Water company

I am always talking about the importance of never giving up. To achieve anything great in life, never never never never never never never never never quit.

Cheri McGaffin and I achieved the highest commission ranking in our health and wellness company because we never gave up. This achievement is one of our greatest accomplishments. As we went up on stage to be recognized and awarded, this was the greatest feeling in the world.

Any time you have an impossible goal or dream you desire within your heart to achieve and make come true, and are determined to achieve that goal or dream no matter what and you keep the faith through the storm and win that dream, you are a Champion!

The best feeling in the world is knowing you had every reason to give up but you still didn't give up and in so doing, you won. The very fact that you didn't give up, makes you a winner.

Focus on one thing: Not giving up. And sooner or later, with the help of God, all of your dreams come true in God's own way and due time.

Thank you to all of you. This reward is a family achievement. We are a family. We are here to help all of you to also achieve your dreams.

This accomplishment is physical proof of the testimony that Champions Never Quit and that we all achieve more together as a family.

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