Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Forget 1st or 2nd Place, 189th and 192nd Place Never Felt So Good!

Cheri McGaffin and I finished in the Top 200 in the world and Top 50 in the USA in a 3-month long contest held by our health and wellness company from last October to December.

Out of hundreds of thousands of others around the world Cheri and I finished 189th place and 192nd place in the world.

And we finished 43rd and 45th in the USA. See screenshots below of contest results. You can click the image to make it larger:

Cheri McGaffin finishing Top 200 in World, Top 50 in USA
Cheri McGaffin finishing 189th place in the World, 43rd place in the USA

Timothy McGaffin II finishing 192nd in World, 45th in the USA
Timothy McGaffin II finishing 192nd place in the World, 45th place in the USA
Our home business methods work.

Health and Freedom are inseparable, you can't have one without the other! Spreading the message of the Water of Champions is spreading the message of Freedom! 

Champions Never Quit!

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