MIND CONTROL: Trying to Demoralize YOU Into Giving Up! NEVER GIVE UP.

MIND CONTROL: Trying to demoralize YOU into giving up!

Demoralization Psyop
Demoralization Psyop
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Remember Champions Never Quit! You can NEVER beat the person who NEVER GIVES UP.

NEVER believe any of the lies that doing right and standing up for Freedom is a losing cause. It's all lies. THEY have NO POWER unless we give up and consent by voluntarily surrendering and giving our power to them.

You hear the media 24/7 saying the OPPOSITE of the truth to make you think you have lost.

NEVER believe their lies.

TRUTH and LIBERTY are WINNING and as evidence to prove we are winning, the very fact they are censoring us and lying to us so openly and right in our faces shows how desperate they are because in actuality they are LOSING and this is their last chance. If they don't succeed this time to establish their satanic NWO agenda, they never will succeed and they know it.

This is why they are being SO OBVIOUS with their lies and propaganda more than ever before. They have totally revealed themselves and all it takes is YOU to stand up and say NO and to NEVER GIVE UP and their whole false system of lies and deceit comes crumbling down.

One person refusing to give up possesses the GREATEST POWER IN THE WORLD, more powerful than any bomb, any weapon, BECAUSE the person who NEVER GIVES UP, who keeps getting back up again and again can NEVER be DEFEATED!


And YOU will destroy this evil.

Thus the 24/7 demoralization campaign to make you think you are alone and have lost is designed to make you give up which is the POWER they fear since it is the POWER to destroy them.


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