Truth and Liberty are WINNING. The LIES are the EVIDENCE of the WINNING...

Stand for Freedom, Stand with God...

and Liberty are WINNING BIG despite what the lies of Big Media, Big Tech, Big Gov't and Big Pharma tell us.

Actually, that's how you know Truth and Liberty are WINNING because of the LIES.

The lies are the EVIDENCE of the TRUTH and LIBERTY WINNING

The lies are so big and more obvious than ever because Truth and Liberty are WINNING BIGGER than ever before.

DO not fall for the demoralization campaign, the campaign to make you think that all hope is lost and that criminals can over take America.


All hope is lost for those who stand with Satan and his tyranny/slavery.

Those who stand with Truth, Liberty, and Jesus have already won...

....a long time ago.

Even though the picture painted by Big Media, Big Tech, Big Gov't and Big Pharma is one of hopelessness REMEMBER that they are a FACADE. They are NOT REAL.

They want us to think they are all powerful when in fact they have NO POWER AT ALL.

YOU have the power.

They only have power if YOU give up.

As long as YOU never give up, THEY HAVE NO POWER.

DO NOT give into their FACADE.


Babylon will fall and great will be the fall thereof and those who align themselves with Babylon will show themselves as the pathetic fools that they are.

The greatest miracles never before heard or seen are coming and America WILL DEFEAT and DESTROY the satanic New World Order.

Jesus will return and TRUE LIBERTY will TRIUMPH FOREVER!

Stand up for Freedom NOW by simply opening your mouth and heart and SHARE YOUR TESTIMONY and NEVER GIVE UP!

Those who stand for Freedom will be eternally vindicated and rewarded.


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