Do NOT Surrender to the Demoralization Campaign...

It's all a demoralization campaign to make us give up.

The enemy (Satan) has NO POWER. He is called the father of lies for a reason. We hold the power that God has given to us. We only lose to Satan if we give up our power by surrendering to him.

Everything that is going on is just theater to make you feel demoralized so that you will give up and surrender.

Champions Never Quit.

Everything that is happening now, happened before in the War in Heaven. It's the EXACT same pattern, the exact same tactics used before.

Satan tried to convince us through fraud that he won and had beaten God. And Heavenly Father sat back for a while, let Satan think he had won. Then God revealed himself and executed his righteous judgement and cast Satan out.

Everyone who chose Jesus and Freedom came to earth, received a body and Satan and his followers received no body.

Now the war continues here on earth and we are in the final stages of that war.

You have to make a choice once again.

Do you choose God and Freedom? Or do you choose Satan and slavery?

Champions trust in God and exercise Faith in God and in so doing God will guarantee that we will TRIUMPH BIG TIME!


Anyone who surrenders to Satan will feel ashamed once the final VICTORY for TRUTH and LIBERTY happens in a HUGE BLOWOUT. It won't even be close.

Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ give us Free Will.

Satan seeks to take away our Free Will and make us choose to surrender to him and become slaves.

I don't know about you but I AM NOT A SLAVE.


And I will NEVER GIVE UP because I know Jesus, who got knocked down more than anyone, also got back up more than anyone and TRIUMPHED over ALL EVIL and Jesus will make sure that I and you and anyone who chooses FREEDOM, will TRIUMPH with him!


TRUTH and LIBERTY is WINNING. You just got to turn off the TV and follow God.

The VICTORY is coming. Satan knows this and this is why he is throwing everything he has at us at the last minute before our HUGE BLOWOUT WIN happens and Jesus comes back as a LION this time! The BEST is YET to COME!

Don't give in to their demoralization campaign.

...Never Give Up!

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